8th May 2017

SNP Launch General Election Campaign at Historic Bannockburn House

The Scottish National Party in Stirling have launched their campaign to re-elect Steven Paterson as Member of Parliament for the Stirling Constituency.

The launch event took place in the historic Bannockburn House – once owned by Sir Hugh Paterson who also served as Member of Parliament for the area.

Speakers at the launch included newly elected Bannockburn Councillors Maureen Bennison and Alasdair MacPherson as well as local MSPs Bruce Crawford and Keith Brown.

Steven Paterson was elected to Westminster in 2015 with a majority of 10,480.

Commenting, Mr Paterson said:

“This snap election is an opportunity for Scotland to reject Teresa May’s right wing Tory ideology, and I will fight hard to make sure that the Stirling Consitiuency retains a strong local voice at Westminster.  

“The Labour Party has proven itself far too weak to stand up to the Tory Westminster Government, and it’s clear that the only way to stop the Tories winning in Stirling is by voting SNP.

“My campaign will focus on the Tories’ shameful time in office and Theresa May’s punitive policies like the Bedroom Tax and Rape Clause that are bringing such misery to communities across the country.  

“For those who want a stronger, fairer Scotland — and a local Stirling MP who will speak up loud and clear against the Tories — it’s clear that this can only be delivered by voting for the SNP on June 8th.”