SNP Maiden Speeches 19

With our great 56 SNP Westminster MP’s settling in to Parliamentary life, each new member has an opportunity to make a Maiden speech. These have been trickling through this week and will continue to do so over coming weeks amongst those of other parties. It’s notable how eloquent each of our new Parliamentarians has been, but also how punchy and direct they have been, though Scots wit has been not been absent either. However what’s been truely fantastic is the support #the56 give to their colleagues when one of the group has their maiden speech to hand. If you have watched Parliamentary TV you will see the SNP are BY FAR the most cohesive group in Westminster, standing up for Scotland and her people.

Please note we will also add a few other links for interjections and questions from our new MP’s while we await their Maiden speeches. Please don’t expect every word of every one of the team to be listed, we haven’t got the time! But where there are items of interest or we spot a first appearance on a particular issue we may link it.

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There are some truly epic speeches here, some which we are sure will be long remembered and admired by Parliamentarians on all sides of the house. We have also included a few speeches made by more established members of the SNP Westminster team that might be of interest, but also as they are the initial speeches of these veteran campaigners, in the 2015 Parliament. We would also point out we have no intention of linking to Every word said by SNP members in the House of Commons but we will ‘try’ to link to first contributions of each SNP member as we come across it.

Maiden speeches are indicated with snp logo

As this is the City of Stirling Branch website we will indicate speeches or comments by our own MP Steven Paterson, thus saltire however this won’t be done ad infinitum, only until we have registered all the maiden speeches.

If you spot any missing ( allow us a day to catch up before complaining!) comment or drop us a line or Tweet us, it helps a bunch if you know what day and better still, what time it was at, and we will add it here.

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  • SNP Maiden Speeches

    2nd June

    snp logo Dr Philippa Whitford MP, Central Ayrshire, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Natalie McGarry MP, Glasgow East, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Angela Crawley MP, Lanark and Hamilton East, Maiden Speech

    3rd June

    snp logo Michelle Thomson MP, Edinburgh West, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Kirsty Blackman MP, Aberdeen East, Maiden Speech

    4th June

    Stuart Hosie MP, Dundee East, SNP response to Economic policy in Queens Speech

    snp logo Chris Stephens MP, Glasgow SW, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Roger Mullin MP, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, Maiden Speech

    8th June

    2nd Reading of the Scotland Bill with various contributions from SNP MP’s

    snp logo Margaret Ferrier MP, Rutherglen and Hamilton West, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Patricia Gibson MP, North Ayrshire and Arran, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Callum McCaig MP, Aberdeen South, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Hannah Bardell MP, Livingston, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Kirsten Oswald MP, East Renfrewshire, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Douglas Chapman MP, Dunfermline and West Fife, Maiden Speech

    9th June

    Alex Salmond MP speaking on EU Referendum supported by Dr Philippa Whitford MP

    snp logo Drew Hendry MP, Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Stewart McDonald MP, Glasgow South, Maiden Speech

    10th June

    Scottish Questions with various contributions by SNP MP’s

    Dr Eildh Whiteford MP, Banff and Buchan, in housing debate

    11th June

    saltireSteven Paterson MP, Stirling, Question to the Leader of the House on parliamentary business proposals

    snp logo George Kerevan MP, East Lothian, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Peter Grant MP, Glenrothes and Central Fife, Maiden Speech

    15th June

    Scotland Bill – Committee Stage ( Committee of Whole House) Various SNP Speakers*

    17th June

    snp logo John Nicolson MP, East Dunbartonshire, Maiden Speech

    snp logo Alison Thewliss MP, Glasgow Central, Maiden Speech

  • Council Cabal in SNP Snub at New School

    You would think that after the recent seismic events in politics, Labour locally would have learned its lesson?

    First there was their toxic alliance with the Tories at Stirling Council in the shape of a formal coalition; this was later affirmed during the Better Together campaign when once again they stood side-by-side. Strangely enough, we could all fathom what electoral fate awaited them (Labour seem to have missed that bit), and sure enough to their cost, they achieved near wipe out in Scotland during May’s General Election which saw 56 out of 59 SNP MPs returned to Westminster, with Labour reduced to just one. On the night the disastrous campaign they fought locally, which was full of anti-SNP rhetoric and lies, was largely mirrored on the ground when their candidate (and Stirling Council leader) polled her worst results in the Castle ward, where SHE is the ward Councillor. Talk about the proverbial slap in the face?

    But it appears that lessons have still not been learned as once again the Tory/ Labour administration play games by thinking they can simply ignore the biggest party on Stirling Council in the hope that they will just go away. This morning I was saddened to read an article from Bannockburn ward Councillor, Alasdair MacPherson, someone who is held with a lot of regard, and is known not only as a champion of the worker, but also for his dislike of anything Tory, whatever the colour. Read More about “Council Cabal in SNP Snub at New School”

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  • Scrapping Trident – a ‘red line’ issue!

    The 2015 General Election campaign and the manifesto commitment by the SNP to scrap Trident, put the issue of the UK’s nuclear weapons system centre stage in the election debate and became a red line issue for the SNP. It also represented a bold position from a mainstream political party in the UK with the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems all committing to renew Trident in the life span of this new Westminster Parliament.
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