15th June 2016

SNP Minister Shows Support For EU Campaign In Stirling

SNP campaign in Stirling for EU Remain
Campaign to remain

EU Campaign: Vote to remain in Europe.

City of Stirling SNP finished their EU campaign week with a double dose of leafleting stalls in the city centre. The branch have now distributed thousands of pro Europe leaflets locally.

City of Stirling’s own leaflet, Stirling IN Europe, makes the positive case for a vote to Remain in the European Union by highlighting how the EU benefits Scotland as well as how local EU investment has developed the face of Stirling.

On Saturday, the Stirling SNP campaign team were joined by a number of colleagues from across Scotland including Kevin Stewart, SNP MSP for Aberdeen Central and newly appointed Scottish Government Minister for Local Government and Housing.

SNP campaign in Stirling for EU Remain

Stirling SNP selfie with Kevin Stewart MSP and Glasgow’s Councillor Mhairi Hunter

Kevin Stewart said:

“Across Scotland, the SNP are making the positive case for our place in the European Union and it was great to see such an enthusiastic group here in Stirling. 

“Voter turnout could have a real impact on which way the result of this referendum goes so it’s important to make sure we highlight how the EU benefits us all to encourage people to get out and use their vote.

“That’s why the SNP have focussed on talking about the issues that matter to people instead of the war of personalities we have seen elsewhere.”