21st July 2016

SNP MP Responds To Russian Athlete Doping Situation

Russian athletics kit

Steven Paterson, SNP MP for Stirling, has condemned the Russian Government for a “blatant disregard” for fairness in sport in response to the latest doping scandal that suggests high-level government support helping Russian athletes cheat.

Mr. Paterson recently held a parliamentary debate in Westminster on the issue of doping where he called on the UK Government to do more to tackle the international scandal as well as for Stirling University in his constituency to be a central hub for research in doping.

Russian athletics kit

Russian athletics’ reputation is in tatters after revelations about State assisted doping
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 Steven Paterson said:

“The Russian Government’s blatant disregard for sporting fairness has called into question the integrity of many of the athletes who have represented the country.

 “Whilst the IOC has delayed its decision on whether to ban all Russian athletes from taking part in Rio 2016, I call on the UK Government to take a firm stance in fighting doping in sport internationally.

 “The reputation of all athletes and competing nations is called into question by this scandal, it is a heavy injustice and the Russian Federation must pay a stern price for its actions.”