22nd August 2016

SNP Pledge Support for Stirling City Deal

Stirling SNP Group support City Deal bid

The SNP Group on Stirling Council have pledged their support for Stirling’s bid for a city deal.

The business proposal for a Stirling City Deal aims to grow the Stirling economy, boost jobs, improve infrastructure, and support growth in the tourism sector.

Local MP Steven Paterson has raised the bid in Parliament a number of times and has secured a meeting with Scotland Office Minister Lord Dunlop in Whitehall at the beginning of September – a meeting which Mr Paterson has extended an invitation to all party leaders on Stirling Council to attend.

Stirling SNP Group support City Deal bid

From left: Cllr Gerry McLaughlan; Cllr Alycia Hayes; Cllr Graham Lambie; Cllr Jim Thomson; Cllr Graham Houston; and Cllr Scott Farmer outside Stirling Council HQ having signed pledge cards of support for the Stirling City Deal.

SNP Stirling Council Group Leader, Councillor Scott Farmer said:

“This is an ambitious project for the Stirling area and the SNP Group is keen to work with colleagues across all parties in order to secure the best possible deal. 

“The City Deal is about unlocking Stirling’s potential: giving local businesses the opportunity to expand; opening ourselves up to investment; creating jobs; and reducing unemployment. I am looking forward to meeting with Lord Dunlop alongside Steven Paterson as well as other local party leaders, showing a united front in getting the best deal for Stirling.”