30th May 2015

SNP providing real opposition to the Tories

Take note: who turned up to debate a serious issue like the recently highlighted safety problems of Trident? Left are the Conservative benches, far back on the right are the Labour benches, and the full ones are the SNP.

The Scottish National Party has said today their party is the only real opposition to the Tories in Westminster, following a Queen’s Speech which ties Scotland to the wrong priorities.

Commenting, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

“Despite Scotland rejecting the Tories agenda completely, we are tied to the wrong priorities – on austerity, Trident, and much more.  “The SNP in Westminster will stand firm against the relentless drive of Tory austerity, and their proposals to slash social security spending by removing benefits from young people and freezing benefits for working families. Scotland did not vote for these cuts and we will work with others across parliament to prevent them.

“When it comes to more powers for Scotland, the ball is in David Cameron’s court.  Anything less than implementation of the Smith Commission in full would be a breach of faith.  But the Tories must also respond to the election result and react positively to proposals for a transfer of powers beyond Smith, a position which won overwhelming support in the election.

“The SNP will also seek urgent clarity on how the government intends to bring forward legislation in Parliament on English votes for English laws.    “We will make a positive case for membership of the EU and for a referendum that is fair to all, meaning that for the UK to be able to leave the European Union, each nation – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – would have to vote to exit. Otherwise, Scotland could be dragged out against our will.  “The SNP will also argue for the right of EU citizens and 16 and 17 years to have their say.

“The group of 56 SNP MPs will move amendments to the EU Referendum Bill on this basis, and seek support across political parties and across the UK.

“And while the Tories might have delayed the legislation on the Human Rights Act – showing they have been blown of course just days into their term – a key SNP objective will be to continue working across party lines at Westminster and in Holyrood to prevent the Tories later repealing human rights.

“With Labour all over the place and each of their leadership candidates seemingly getting ready to race even further to the right, the SNP is the only real opposition to unfair Tory cuts in the House of Commons.

“At the General Election, people in Scotland gave the SNP an unprecedented democratic mandate to put an end to the cuts agenda which is hurting people across our communities – and we will use this mandate to work with other progressive forces in Parliament in Scotland’s best interests.”