30th November 2016

SNP Slam Consultation Farce Amid Backroom Deals

Cllr Scott Farmer

The SNP Group on Stirling Council have renewed calls for a review into the local authority’s consultation process – known as Priority Based Budgeting (PBB).

Recently, a number of public consultation meetings have taken place across the local authority area including Balfron, Callander, Stirling, and Bannockburn.

The process was criticised last year for proposing harsh unnecessary cuts to local services and causing undue panic to service users.

This year, Stirling Council’s ruling Tory/Labour Administration has been accused of backroom deals as no spending proposals were brought before the public during these meetings.

Commenting, SNP Group Leader, Councillor Scott Farmer said:

“The Tory/Labour coalition have gone from one extreme to another – last year they played political games by threatening extreme cuts to services that were completely unnecessary and in stark contrast, this year they have opted to be more secretive.


“The Priority Based Budgeting process in its current form has proven itself to be unworkable and myself and my SNP colleagues have before called for a review into how it can be improved. However, a failure to consult with the public at all on spending is unacceptable.


“Instead of hiding behind closed doors, this Tory/Labour coalition should open themselves up for proper scrutiny over their handling of Stirling’s services.”