5th February 2015

SNP taking nothing for granted from poll

The Scottish National Party welcomed the 16 constituency polls published by Lord Ashcroft polling this morning – which has full sample polls in 14 Labour seats and two Lib Dem seats, with the SNP projected to win all but one.

Stirling was not one of the constituencies polled, and despite Labour having one of its smaller  majorities over the SNP here, we still have a mountain to climb starting from the 2010 results. Lend your vote to our candidate Steven Paterson in May to have a local champion joining a strong team of SNP MPs who can fight for Scotland’s interests.

The Ashcroft polling supports a previous analysis by Professor John Curtice that the SNP may be doing even better in areas where Labour have been strongest. As Professor Curtice said in relation to the ICM poll for the Guardian in December: “If anything, the swing appears to be even greater” in the safest Labour seats in Scotland.

SNP General Election Campaign Director Angus Robertson MP said:

“These polls include some of Labour’s safest seats in the whole of the UK as well as Scotland, and they are clearly excellent for the SNP – but we are taking absolutely nothing for granted, and will work hard for every vote and seat in May.

“These seat-by-seat polls also underline the extent to which Labour are paying a huge price for their toxic referendum alliance with the Tories – which to all intents and purposes has continued. In recent weeks, we have seen Labour MPs vote with the Tories for £30 billion more austerity cuts, vote with the Tories to spend £100 billion on a new generation of Trident nuclear weapons, and abstain on a key vote for a fracking moratorium. That is why we need the real clout for Scotland that only a strong team of SNP MPs can deliver – to be a real force for change.

“People can only make Scotland’s priorities Westminster’s priorities by voting SNP in May. While all the recent polls and our council by-election win in Gordon Brown’s seat indicate the potential SNP vote, they act as a spur to the entire party to work harder than ever before so that we can do better than ever before.

“Scotland needs and wants an alternative to austerity cuts, cancellation of the horrendously expensive Trident renewal, the powers of real Home Rule, protection for our oil and gas industry, and a safeguard for our place in Europe by ensuring that all four UK nations would have to vote for EU withdrawal before the UK could exit. And we are prepared to vote for a Bill to restore the NHS in England to the public service, publicly accountable, it was always meant to be – which will help safeguard Scotland’s budget.

“These are objectives which the people of Scotland can achieve – and can only achieve – by voting for a strong team of SNP MPs to hold the balance of power at Westminster.

“The Tories have been rejected in election after election in Scotland, and the SNP would never help them into power. By electing SNP MPs, the people of Scotland can vote to get rid of the Tories, protect the welfare of everyone who lives here, and promote progressive politics across the UK.”

The full details of the polls can be found here.