22nd February 2016

SNP Welcomes Administration’s Change Of Heart

Cllr Graham Lambie

Stirling SNP Councillor, Graham Lambie, has welcomed the ruling Administration’s decision to drop plans to double music tuition fees. Initial budgetary proposals sought to increase the annual fee for access to extracurricular music tuition from £246 to £492.

A petition protesting the decision saw 1,500 signatures ahead of the announcement that the plans had been dropped. Stirling Council have since announced plans to freeze music tuition fees.

Cllr Graham Lambie

Cllr Graham Lambie

Councillor Lambie, a member of the Education Committee on Stirling Council, has welcomed what he as described as a ‘change of heart’:

Councillor Lambie said:

“It speaks volumes of the power of community groups when a decision such as this is overturned. The Tory/Labour Administration’s change of heart on a hike in music tuition fees will come as very welcome news to those who use the service.

Low earning households who do not qualify for fee music tuition would have been hit the hardest by such a hike in fees. Doubling the price of music tuition completely contradicts what education ought to be about – the ability to learn as opposed to the ability to pay – and the SNP were prepared to oppose it at every possible level.

Cuts to Scotland’s budget from Westminster level has resulted in the challenging times local authorities are facing now. However, these recent developments have shown that there is room for a compassionate approach to the funding of local services in Stirling.”