23rd February 2016

Stirling Council Budget: Time To End Unfair And Unaccountable Process

Cllr Scott Farmer

With Stirling Council’s latest budget to be set this week, SNP Council Group Leader, Councillor Scott Farmer, has renewed SNP calls to fundamentally review the current process of budgeting. Stirling Council uses a system called Priority-Based Budgeting (PBB) to identify levels of spending on local public services.

Cllr Scott Farmer

Cllr Scott Farmer

Councillor Farmer has highlighted the point that the budgeting process is driven by council officers and out of the control of elected representatives.

Scott Farmer said:

“Stirling Council put forward a number of budgetary proposals ahead of their final budget that threatened to cut or completely decimate services. This was unfair and was driven almost entirely by officers with a distinct lack of input from elected Councillors.

Johanna Boyd

Councillor Johanna Boyd Leader of the Tory/Labour Council coalition seems to have lost control of council officers.

“It is clear that the Leader of the Tory/Labour Administration, Councillor Johanna Boyd, does not have control of the organisation and the result of this is the unfair treatment of vulnerable residents who rely on services such as adult learning – a service that was originally facing a complete shut-down with cuts proposals of 70 percent.

The Administration have now u-turned on this proposal, which has come with a huge sigh of relief for service users – who should have never been put through this ordeal in the first place.

It is vital that for future budgets, the ruling Administration on Stirling Council seriously examine this farcical and damaging PBB approach and makes the decisions that they were elected to make.”