8th September 2017

Stirling Council Leader Pushes For COSLA Position On Tory Rape Clause

Stirling SNP Councillor and Stirling Council Leader, Scott Farmer, proposed a resolution to local government body COSLA, establishing a national position on the two-child limit for Child Tax Credit and subsequently the so-called rape clause.

The policy was introduced by the Tory UK Government and means that a woman has to prove that she has been raped in order to receive welfare support for a third child. Powers over Child Tax Credits are to remain reserved to the Westminster Parliament despite UK Government Ministers claiming that ‘significant’ controls over welfare were to be devolved to Holyrood.

The resolution, proposed by Councillor Farmer and backed on a cross-party basis, though it was opposed by the Tories. It established COSLA’s opposition to the two-child policy and rape clause.

Commenting, Councillor Farmer said:

“The Tory rape clause is one of the most disgusting policies conjured up by a government that is so out of touch that it doesn’t even quite understand how it can be implemented.

“It was important that COSLA take a position on this matter as the body has a role to play given that health and social work is responsible for applying the Tory-imposed policy.

“The two-child limit on Child Tax Credit is an unnecessary attack on poorer families and the subsequent rape clause is indicative of a sickening attitude from the Tory UK Government towards vulnerable women who are victims of rape.

“I’m delighted that COSLA has adopted this official position which utterly opposes these vile policies.”