24th May 2016

Stirling Councillor Makes the Positive Case For Vote To Remain In Europe

Remain part of EU

The SNP’s Councillor Fergus Wood has outlined his case for a vote to remain in the European Union in the forthcoming referendum on the UK’s membership.

Councillor Wood, who is also a farmer based in the Trossachs and Teith Ward that he represents on Stirling Council, has highlighted the need for a positive campaign that promotes the positive aspects of EU membership and steers well clear of the attempts at scaremongering that have been seen so far on both sides of the debate.

Fergus Wood said:

Fergus Wood makes positive case for Europe

Councillor Fergus Wood with the EU Flag on his farm in Kinlochard.

“Our membership of the European Union expands our horizons and unlocks opportunities for everyone. As an SNP Councillor, it will come as no surprise to anybody that I would prefer an independent Scotland to be a member of the EU, however, a vote for the UK to remain is by far the best option on the table today.

“Scotland has over the centuries played its part in Europe.  When England was at war with France, Holland and Spain we were doing business with these countries!

“The freedom to move to and work in any other EU country without the need for a visa is one that millions of people from all over the UK have benefitted greatly from – and the contribution that EU citizens have made in the UK has benefitted the Stirling area greatly. 

“As a farmer, I am very aware of the support that the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy brings to the industry I operate in. Scotland’s farmers benefit from around £630 million a year in financial subsidy from the EU – a support mechanism that helps strengthen Scotland’s agriculture for domestic and international trade. 

“With the ability to work together as a group of nations and make decisions about issues that do not recognise national borders – such as climate change and international terrorism – there are so many positive points to be made that it would be a real shame to let others tar the debate with the cynical rants and scare tactics we have unfortunately heard so far.


“I look forward to a constructive and positive case being made for a vote to Remain in the European Union on June 23rd.”

Make sure you get involved in promoting the positive case for remaining part of the EU. See our campaigning for Europe post.