29th June 2016

EU Referendum Result: Stirling MP Calls on Prime Minister to Understand UK’s “Democratic Deficit”

Steven Paterson MP

At an emergency meeting of the House of Commons (Monday 27th June) to discuss the result of Thursday’s referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, Stirling SNP MP Steven Paterson highlighted to the Prime Minister the difference between the results in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

The Stirling constituency voted to Remain in the European Union by 67.7% whilst the figure for Scotland was 62.0%. However, with the overall result for the UK being 52% to Leave the EU, Scotland now faces being taken out of Europe against its will.

To the Prime Minister, Mr Paterson asked:

“The constituency I represent voted by over 67% to remain, and in Scotland, of course, the figure was 62%. Can the Prime Minister understand the democratic deficit that exists in Scotland, where we are being dragged out of Europe against our will?”

 Echoing the words of the First Minister, SNP Westminster Group Leader Angus Robertson said that the SNP and the Scottish Government would do everything that it can to protect Scotland’s place in the EU as per the wishes of the people of Scotland, stating:

“We are a European country and we will stay a European country and if that means that we have to have an independence referendum to protect Scotland’s place, then so be it.”

 The First Minister and the Scottish Government are seeking to negotiate with EU institutions and member states to resolve a way in which Scotland’s membership of the EU can be protected as per the clear wishes of the people of Scotland.

 Commenting, Steven Paterson said:

Steven Paterson MP

Steven Paterson MP in Parliament

“My SNP colleagues and I campaigned passionately with a positive case for a vote to Remain in the European Union and the result from Scotland was of overwhelming support for our EU membership. Locally, we focussed on how the EU benefits both Scotland and our local area and I am delighted that Stirling’s support for Remain was one of the highest in the country at 67.7 percent.

 “The complete lack of leadership from the UK Government since the result of the EU Referendum has been unprecedented and the Prime Minister’s response to the disparity between UK nations on the referendum result takes no notice and pays no respect to the wishes of the people of Scotland.

 “I am glad that the First Minister has taken such a strong stance in moving to protect Scotland’s national interest and I look forward to the outcome of the Scottish Government’s negotiations with EU institutions and member states.”