20th July 2016

Stirling MP Speaks at Stirling Anti-Trident Rally

Anti Trident Protestors

Stirling SNP MP, Steven Paterson, attended the Stop Trident rally that took place in Stirling city centre on Saturday (16th July) to speak to the large crowd of anti-nuclear weapons protesters.

CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) events took place across the country on Sunday, ahead of MPs voting on Trident renewal in the House of Commons on Monday (18th July).

The estimated cost of the renewal of Trident submarines has spiralled out of control. Originally estimated to cost £100 billion over its lifetime, one recent costing by the CND suggested that it could cost as much as double that.

Speaking at Saturday’s rally, Mr Paterson told crowds:

“I will vote against Trident’s renewal on Monday, and I will always oppose the existence of these obscene weapons.”

Anti Trident Protestors

Steven Paterson MP with anti-Trident Protestors in Stirling City Centre

Commenting after the event, Steven Paterson said:

“During times of enforced austerity from the UK Government, spending hundreds of billions on a nuclear vanity project is an utter disgrace, making our world a less safe place to live in. Nuclear weapons serve to be little more than a political status symbol for the UK Government. 

“Trident is not only obscenely expensive, but completely immoral and strategically redundant – especially in the 21st century. These relics of the Cold War do not protect us from the every day threats faced by our national security.

“We need a better and more strategic plan for defence and this does not include the ability to flatten a city within seconds. That is why I will always vote against upgrading these weapons of mass destruction.”