4th July 2016

Stirling MP Voices Concerns Over Potential Loss Of Local EU Funding 

Steven Paterson MP


Stirling SNP MP has warned that the UK’s exit from the EU could have a negative impact for Stirling Council.

Stirling Council has received a large amount of EU funding in recent years. The EU Lowlands and Uplands Scotland European Social Fund Programme for 2007-13 alone granted Stirling Council with almost half a million pounds in funding:

£415,893 for Stirling’s Pipeline.

£45,063 for Stirling’s Youth ERI.

The EU has also committed funding for various projects in the Stirling area, including:

£1.5 million for the Sporting Chance Initiative at Stirling University – Scotland’s hub for business innovation in sport.

£4.9 million to renovate the historic Engine Shed to transform the site into a building conservation training centre.

£9 million for the IT and E-commerce Business Strategy Programme at Stirling Enterprise Park.

Mr Paterson has written to the local authority’s Chief Executive to voice his concerns over how Stirling Council will be impacted by the overall UK decision to leave the EU.

Commenting, Steven Paterson said:

“The result of the EU referendum is not one that Scotland wanted and people in Stirling voted overwhelmingly to stay. However, the UK-wide decision to leave means that we face being pulled out of the EU against our will and our local services could be negatively impacted by this.

“The European Union has helped develop the face of the Stirling area through investment. Whether that is through regional funding methods or supporting our agricultural industry, the impact of leaving the EU calls into serious question how our local communities will be affected.”