21st August 2017

Stirling MSP Welcomes Record High Employment In Scotland

Bruce Crawford MSP

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has welcomed recent figures a fall in unemployment across Scotland with more people now in work than ever before.

Labour Market Statistics published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) have shown that for the first financial quarter of this year (April to June) employment rose to over 86,000 – bringing overall employment in Scotland to 2,650,000

Unemployment in Scotland fell to 3.9% – a lower rate than that of the UK average of 4.4%.

Last month, the House of Commons Library released figures on working age claimants of Job Seekers’ Allowance and Universal Credit for the Stirling area. They showed that 2.1% of local working age people currently receive unemployment support – whilst that figure for the UK is 2.5%.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“This is fantastic news for Scotland’s economy which, again, has been shown to out-perform the rest of the UK. Scotland’s overall employment rate now sits at 75.2% – the highest it has ever been.

“This is a vote of confidence in Scottish business, after GDP figures showed Scotland’s growth rate to be four times faster than the UK’s over the last quarter. This recent report demonstrates that this growth is transferring into jobs and opportunities for people.

“Whilst these figures are encouraging, it is important that we continue to campaign to make work pay a fair wage. The Tory UK Government’s con trick of a ‘National Living Wage’ falls far short of the real living wage. As a point of principle, a fair day’s work should earn a fair day’s wage and those working full time should expect to afford to support themselves and their families.”