6th April 2017

In Stirling it really is Red Tory / Blue Tory does equal Tory

Gerry McLaughlan

Before voting in next month’s Council Election here in Stirling you really should do some very simple arithmetic.

23 Council seats are up for grabs.

To win the Council you need to get 12 councillors elected.

To get 12 councillors you need to put up at the very least 12 candidates. Simples really 🙂

So how many candidates are Labour, Tory putting up?

Labour 10 candidates
Tory 10 candidates

See the flaw?

If you vote for particular promises that either of them are making , in their leaflets, public statements on door steps, press statements, you are listening to and reading lies.worse than that , they both know they are lying to you.

Neither of them can deliver what they promise. They have NOT put up enough candidates to win the Council.

If you then look at the published list of candidates it gets even more interesting.

In every ward where either of them has two candidate the other has only put one up. There is a clear pattern.

If it barks it usually is a dog.

If two major parties don’t put enough candidates to win by themselves and then don’t fully compete against each other , it usually means a deal has been done.
Do you hear the loud noise of hounds barking?

Finally , remember you need 12 councillors to win Stirling.

How many candidates do SNP have in the election ? 14.
That means 14 possible councillors.

Simples really, vote SNP you get SNP.

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