25th May 2016

Stirling SNP Calls For Inquiry Into Crumbling PFI School Rejected By Tory/Labour Administration

Councillor Graham Lambie

At Thursday (19th May) night’s Meeting of the Full Council, Stirling SNP Councillors put forward proposals for a comprehensive and independent inquiry into structural failings at Balfron High School.

The calls come after a number of issues with the PFI procured high school has resulted in sections of the building being closed completely and pupils being relocated to alternative schools until August this year at the earliest.

Since a number of Edinburgh PFI schools were forced to close this year, the Scottish Government called for a review of school building safety standards across the country. Balfron High School is the only PFI procured school in the Stirling area and initial inspections uncovered a number of issues including “suspicious wall movement” caused by ineffective or missing wall ties.

In January this year, severe weather resulted in the collapse of an outer-wall at Balfron High School.

The SNP motion, signed by Councillors Alycia Hayes and Graham Lambie, calling for a review into the failure of this PFI project to deliver a structurally sound building was subsequently overturned by the ruling Labour/Tory Administration on Stirling Council.