21st August 2017

Stirling SNP Slam Decision to Reinstate Disgraced Tory Councillors

Recent news has broken that disgraced Tory Councillors on Stirling Council have been reinstated following their suspension for offensive and abusive online activity.

Alastair Majury

Majury : a proven abusive online troll.

Councillor Alastair Majury and Councillor Robert Davies were suspended from the Conservative Party in May this year, following revelations of online abusive behaviour.

Councillor Majury was unmasked as an abusive Twitter troll who had made degrading remarks about women as well as offensive comments about immigrants, people on benefits, Catholics, and likened political opposition to his party to Nazis.

Councillor Davies posted a series of bizarre photographs from the British colonial era in Africa – likening black people featured in the photos to cannibals.

Ruth Davidson

Davidson: Has refused to take action against the two offensive councillors.

Leader of Stirling Council, Scott Farmer, wrote to Scottish Tory Leader, Ruth Davidson, calling for decisive action to be taken with regards to the two suspended Councillors. Ms Davidson subsequently responded with a refusal to take any action.

Over 2,350 people have signed an online petition calling for both Councillors Majury and Davies to resign from Stirling Council.

Criticising news of the reinstatement of Councillors Majury and Davies, Stirling East SNP Councillor Alison Laurie said:

“This is an utterly outrageous move for the Tory Party to make with regards to Councillors Majury and Davies – both of whom have demonstrated that they are unfit to serve in office and represent out local communities. Unfortunately, this is just another sad episode from a Tory Party that has lurched to the right.

“Far from taking decisive action, Ruth Davidson has sent out a message that this sort of abusive, offensive and xenophobic behaviour online is acceptable in the Tory Party. Instead, the two disgraced Tory Councillors will continue to take part in decisions that will, for example, determine the Council’s strategy for tackling bullying in schools.

“People across Stirling will be disgusted by this outcome and the Tory Group on Stirling Council should do the right thing and remove the Whip from Councillors Majury and Davies immediately and permanently.”