25th October 2016

Stirling split in boundary change proposal

Boundary change under review

In the boundary review of Scottish constituencies, the Stirling constituency is split in two becoming Stirling North and Stirling South.
The proposals will take areas of the current Clackmannanshire constituency and merge it into the North side of the city. The South side will merge with parts of what would have formerly have been part of Falkirk.

The following map from the Boundary Commission website has been coloured up and marked to show the proposal.

Boundary change under review

Proposed new Constituencies Stirling North and Stirling South under proposals from the boundary commission


For Stirling city, this means that Raploch, Cornton, Causewayhead, City Centre, Riverside, Braehead etc will fall into North, with Torbrex, Borestone, St Ninians, Whins of Milton, etc being in a separate constituency, Stirling South.

The overall aim of this is to ultimately reduce the number of MPs elected to the House of Commons from 650 to 600 (59-53 for Scotland) whilst the UK Government continues to pack the House of Lords with yet more un-elected peers.

Below is a link to the Commission’s consultation on their final proposals – and there will also be planned consultation meetings (the closest being in Edinburgh on Dec 7th).

Steven Paterson MP our sitting MP has requested Constituents with comments on this contact him.

The full proposals are here.