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Stirling’s Tory MP Admits: “I Was Wrong!”

Steven Paterson
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What Has The Scottish Government Ever Done For Us? SNP MP Highlights How Devolution Has Benefitted Stirling

SNP MP Tommy Sheppard took part in a Westminster Hall debate this week (Tuesday) on Devolution in Scotland.

The Edinburgh MP – who is the SNP Spokesperson on the Cabinet Office, Scotland Office, and House of Lords – took part in the debate and highlighted how the Stirling Constituency had specifically benefitted from Scottish Government policies what did not exist in the rest of the UK.

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Stirling MP Must Back Reducing House Of Lords, Not Democracy

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Stirling SNP Councillor Calls On Tory MP To Put Brexiteer Politics Aside And Fight For Powers To Scotland

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Tory Universal Credit Is Hurting, Not Helping

Universal Credit
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SNP Councillor Slams Stirling’s Tory MP For Voting Against Pay Rise For Public Sector Workers

Susan McGill on Majury
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