23rd March 2016

Taxpayer Funded Photoshoot of Council Leader Boyd

Johannae Boyd

A recent Freedom of Information response from Stirling Council has found that Council Leader Councillor Johanna Boyd has spent £150 of public funds on photoshoots of herself which have been used for party-political purposes.

Johanna Boyd

Boyd used publicly funded photos in publicity materials used within the Labour Party and in her bid to be a list candidate.

The Council’s FOI team pointed out that that the professional photograph was used in Stirling Council’s latest annual report – the same photo has also been used by Johanna Boyd to promote herself within and outwith the Labour Party as a prospective Labour candidate.

The publicly-funded photographs were widely used during Councillor Boyd’s bid for a place on Scottish Labour’s Mid-Scotland and Fife regional list in the forthcoming Scottish Parliamentary Election.

Stirling SNP have responded by calling for Councillor Boyd to pay back the photoshoot costs.

Stirling Council Tax Payers should get their money back!

Commenting, an Stirling SNP spokesperson said:

“Johanna Boyd and the Stirling Labour Party must explain how taxpayer-funded photographs have come to be used in Labour Party political materials such as her attempt to be elected to the Scottish Parliament – a clear breach of the rules over the appropriate use of public funds.

“Councillor Boyd owes the Stirling taxpayer an explanation. At the very least, she must give back the public money spent on this vanity project immediately.”