24th May 2015

Time to go for Colonel Mustard

Alastair Carmichael Cluedo Piece

Colonel Mustard, in the Scottish Office, with the Daily Telegraph

It’s a bank holiday weekend and in political terms an ideal time to bury news one would rather quietly disappear.

For those who missed the news on Friday night, this BBC clip tells you all you need to know.

So former LibDems Secretary of State for Scotland ( lets dispense with the “Right Honourable” will we?) Alastair Carmichael MP, decided, in line with the publication of the report into the French Gate “leak” back in April, that it was time to fess up, come clean and state he-did-it ( in collusion with his Special Adviser Euan Roddin), though he had to be found out first. Colonel Mustard, in the Scottish Office, with the Daily Telegraph. Cluedo like, that’s it game over- anyone fancy another round?… maybe there is time…… or maybe not.

Alastair Carmichael Cluedo Piece

Alastair Carmichael did it with the Daily Telegraph in the Scottish Office

As political dirty tricks go it gave the Daily Torygraph attack dogs something to latch onto and press as hard as they could for several days, despite the fact ( we wouldn’t want fact to get in the way of a good smear would we dear reader) there were clear denials from all parties involved that the statement attributed to Nicola Sturgeon by a French Ambassadorial official never happened. It’s slightly interesting it was the Conservative Party daily newsletter that were fed the story and not a paper like the more liberal leaning Guardian.
So an investigation was demanded that conveniently revealed WhoDunnit style , a couple of weeks after the election where Alastair Carmichael narrowly retained the one and only LibDem seat in Scotland, representing the Northern Isles, that the leak came with Carmichael’s full approval. Unfortunately the Northern isles electorate were not deemed worthy of knowing the full facts before they crossed the box next to the former minister’s name. But hey it’s only democracy and that’s OK.

Well actually it’s not. And if Alastair Carmichael thinks that by fessing up like a “gentleman” on a long weekend Friday, in the hope that it will all have blown over by Tuesday, the suspicion is, he gambled wrong. Nicola Sturgeon has very courteously accepted the former minister’s apology. Carmichael has left his former position via the ballot box, and uses the excuse that were he still in office he would have resigned, but as he isn’t he need only apologise. The public purse is short to the tune of £1.4million! The cost of the 6 week Civil Service enquiry!!!!! And he attempts to soothe the troubled Scottish brow by declining his ministers severance package, something like £17,000. Unfortunately that comes short of the full cost of this sham, by £1,383,000.

There is a leaving sheet you can sign to help Colonel Mustard along on his way out the door, here on and here on 38degrees. We know you would love to sign it with your best wishes.

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