29th August 2017

Tories Cut Rural Post Offices To Record Low

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has hit out at the Tory UK Government who have cut Post Office services across Scotland in the past 15 years.

A document from the House of Commons Library shows that the number of rural Post Offices in Scotland had dropped by more than 22% since 2002 – with many cuts taking place since the Conservatives came to power in 2010.

The SNP 2017 manifesto set out a plan to protect rural Post Offices in Scotland by seeking presumptions against their closure – similar to the presumption against closing rural schools delivered by the Scottish Government.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“The number of local Post Offices that are seriously at risk in rural areas is a major concern for Postmasters and local residents alike. The number of services has that Post Offices deliver has been severely reduced in the time that the Tories have been in power in Westminster – and this from a Party that pledged to increase the amount of work that they would be given to do to support local communities.

 “The number of rural Post Offices in Scotland are now at an all-time-low and the UK Government must address the serious concerns that this is bringing to communities.

 “For many people, the local Post Office provides vital services in finance and money as well as assistance in applying for and obtaining licenses and passports – not to mention managing letters and parcels. For older people in particular, keeping these services local is crucial to accessing them and it is deeply concerning that the UK Government is letting residents down on this front.

“I have been in contact with colleagues Westminster regarding this issue – who will continue to put pressure on the Tory Government to protect rural Post Offices, not continue to cut them.”