21st January 2016

Tory Labour Coalition budget fiasco

Cllr Scott Farmer
Cllr Scott Farmer

Cllr Scott Farmer

SNP group leader Scott Farmer has launched a scathing attack on the Tory Labour pact in charge of Stirling Council over their inability to provide coherent and consistent figures in their budget plans for Corporate Services. He stated the plan was “the work of smoke and mirrors with an uncomfortable dose of incompetence”.

In October the council’s impact of their Priority Based Budget approach to spending was to be £548,000 for 2016/17. However by the time Decembers Options for Approval came before the council the figure was a further £312,000, for a total £860,000. An increase of 56.9%! The Council already has a projected shortfall of £25million by 2020/21.

Scott continued

” This Tory/Labour Administration has said time and time again that they intend to cut budgets without hammering services,. However when they aren’t even sure of the costs of their proposals this simply beggars belief. Their sums just don’t add up. Given the lower figure was still on the councils website at the time of the meeting to discuss the proposals, the level of farce surrounding so called transparency and meaningful consultation has been exposed once again. 

The public will see through the process and are well aware services will be decimated under this Administration

There’s a 57% difference between what we were told in October compared to what we are being told now. Either this is an example of gross incompetence or , perhaps worse the Administration is attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Stirling as they march on with Tory ideological cuts to public services”

In concluding his broadside on the Tory/Labour sinking ship,  he called on Tory finance convener Benny to investigate and report back as to how such a gargantuan error has been made in the publication of this budget. “….residents in the Stirling area deserve answers and do not deserve to be shut in the dark”.