1st April 2016

Tory/Lab Coalition to stand on Single SNPBad ticket


We have just heard that the Tory/Labour administration at the barely beating heart of the current council leadership in Stirling are to campaign the 2017 Council elections on a single SNPBad ticket. Having become con-joined during the 2014 Referendum campaign as stalwarts of the Bitter Together Campaign, and being to all intents and purposes equally unelectable as well as increasingly indistinguishable from each other over recent years, they have apparently made this master stroke in  deciding to campaign and stand as a single entity next year.


A press shoot with the new SNPBad campaign material and obligatory Union flags.


Behind this master move is believed to be “leading” (his description) political consultant James Muphry. We can’t help thinking he looks kind of familiar but aren’t quite sure from where?

Jo-B at George O

Here Jo-B models the fetching Day Suit “Lady Margaret”from the Saint James range of Unionist designer wear @George O

Johanna Boyd  and Neil Benny had a love-in photocall in the city centre earlier this week to launch the new campaign all Union Jacks and kiddy smiles. Jo-B (her modelling name) was quite in a spin having rushed from another busy day of Council Taxpayer funded photoshoots for the new “Saint James @ George-O” range of Unionist party wear. They were surrounded (as is the way with such Unionist occasions) by their supporter and heavy security. Apparently it was an invitation only event. While we couldn’t get a word from the lovely (her description) Johanna or the loveable (his description) Neil Benny we did manage to speak to the supporter, a Mr Nimmo. In a typically incoherent and wandering retort full of the usual witicisms he has become famous for he told us “moan, moan, SNPBad moan, moan, SNPBad 2016-03-21_14-55-57

An Audi A8

Johanna and Neil were driven off in the ConLab love-mobile after the photoshoot

Johanna and Neil were ushered off in the ConLab love-mobile Audi A8 after the photo opportunity was finished. Initially we thought they had tied tin cans to the bumper in a deeper show of affection than even we were prepared for, such was the clatter as it sped off, but then we realised that being a 64 plate Audi it has a few engine management problems.