24th January 2017

Tory/Labour Coalition Admit They Got It Wrong On Social Care In Stirling

SNP Criticise “Too Little, Too Late” As Service Suffers Crippling Cuts

The Tory/Labour Administration on Stirling Council have admitted that they got it wrong on Social Care during the meeting of the Finance Committee last week.

Reports submitted to the committee had revealed that Social Care was on track for a £2.2 million overspend. This comes after the Administration cut spending to the service by almost £700,000 last year – a policy fiercely opposed by the SNP opposition group.

Tory and Labour Councillors – including Finance Convener Neil Benny and Labour Councillor John Hendry – made reference to the Social Care Budget being a “guesstimate”.

The SNP are calling on the Tory/Labour Administration on Stirling Council to apologise for the damaging effects their decisions have had on the Social Care service in Stirling.

Commenting, SNP Stirling Council Group Health and Social Care Spokesperson, Councillor Graham Houston said:

“This is yet another budgetary blunder from the Tory/Labour coalition – however this time it has had a direct impact on the care that some of the most vulnerable people in our communities receive.

“Cuts to the Social Care budget have seen a reduction in front line carers and the commitment to a robust service for our ageing population compromised.

“Whilst I welcome the Tory/Labour coalition’s admission that they got it wrong on social care, unfortunately the reduction in the service’s resources mean that it’s too little too late. It is appropriate that Tory Finance Convener Neil Benny and Labour Health and Social Care Convener Christine Simpson make a public apology to families and those who require care assistance for the poor decisions they have taken and the damaging effects those have had on such a vital service.”

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