18th August 2017

UK Government Must Commit To Protecting Stirling Farmer Payments Post-Brexit

Tractor gathering hay from a Stirlingshire field
Coos in a field

These young Coo’s agree, Mundell MUST deliver for Stirling’s farmers

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford wrote to the Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, last week following a visit to the constituency, demanding assurances that no local farmer will lose out as a result of Brexit.

Currently, farmers in Scotland receive around £630 million per year in Common Agricultural Payment (CAP) funding from the EU. The UK Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has confirmed that the Government will only continue these payments after leaving the EU until 2022.

In his letter to the Scottish Secretary, Mr Crawford said:

“Many farmers in my constituency are seriously concerned that this does not provide enough of a guarantee in terms of supporting their business once the UK leaves the EU.”

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“The decision to leave the European Union was not one of our making and it has resulted in deep concern and uncertainty amongst many businesses – especially within the farming industry. The UK Government’s Environment Secretary’s recent comments on the continuation of agricultural funding until 2022 falls far short of the assurances that this vital sector needs right now.

“As Scotland and the Stirling Constituency voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union and to protect our rights of membership in last year’s referendum, it would be an affront to our local and national interest to lose out on crucial financial support to local farmers.

“To date, messages coming from the UK Government have been confused at best on how the Brexit process will be managed and how people and businesses will be supported through the economic shock that will come as a result. I hope my letter to the Scottish Secretary will be seen as an opportunity for the UK Government to give farmers in my constituency reassurance that they will not lose out as a result of leaving the European Union.”

Letter to Scot Sec