17th April 2015

UKIP Barnett Car Crash

Our friends at Dunblane shared this wee gem of a video on their fB page today and it really was so good we felt compelled to share it here. I think we have all felt a little uncomfortable watching some hapless individual get cornered on an interview, you almost feel sorry for them. In real life sometimes the discomfort makes you actually want to look away or turn down the sound. Well not in this case! It’s David Coburn, UKIP’s Scotland spokesperson discussing UKIP’s “fully costed” alternative to the Barnett Formula with STV’s Bernard Ponsonby, though it’s evident that he clearly has utterly no idea where it came from or how he got there!

This is more like that Wiley Coyote moment when he runs off the cliff and runs treading free space for a few seconds awaiting the inevitable pull of gravity, before plummeting to another sore end. You always watch to see if the fall will be followed up by some huge weight with ACME stamped on the side. coming down and finishing the job, and you laugh when it does.

Sadly there is no ACME embossed weight in this one but it’s no less hilarious for all that.


Ukip’s David Coburn on Scotland’s finances and the Barnett formula

Posted by STV News on Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The worry is UKIP want to be taken seriously.