6th February 2015

Vote SNP, Get SNP

Vote Labour Get Tories

The Scottish branch of the Labour party are making much play of their latest catchphrase. It reads “Vote SNP get Tories”.

Given the Labour parties recent cosy relationship with the Conservative Party, firstly sidling up getting all snugly with the Tories, the Lib Dems and UKIP in the Better Together side of the Referendum, then down and dirty in recent votes ( whether they bothered to turn up or not) on austerity, fracking, the Vow… the list goes on, you might be forgiven for thinking Vote Labour Get Tories, and in fact this is truer than you might imagine as this very handy info-graphic shows.

Vote Labour Get Tories

Vote Labour get Tories

Bear in mind also Labour have not ruled out a coalition with the Conservative Party after the General Election, so Vote Labour Get Tories seems highly possible.

The only way to ensure YOUR VOTE gets the Government which looks out for Scottish interests, is an SNP vote.

Vote SNP, Get SNP. Vote SNP to make sure the interests of Scotland and her people are put first.