12th March 2015

Voter Registration

Rob Gibson

MSP Rob Gibson

Regular visitors to our Stirling Branch site, here will maybe recall a post we made early in February reminding all eligible persons, to register to vote. This followed the revelation that SNP MSP Rob Gibson had found he was not registered to vote in the forthcoming General Election and was required to furnish proof of identity.

Even if you voted in the 2014 referendum on Independence, don’t automatically assume this means you are registered to vote in May’s General Election. In theory, provided you have not changed address since the vote on 18th September, you should not need to re-register. As a party we need every person supporting our candidate, Steven Paterson ready vote to overturn a long held Labour Majority in the Stirling constituency. Even if you are not a supporter of the SNP you have a right to a voice and should check you are registered.

Alex Neil

Alex Neil MSP

Once again the seemingly chaotic situation with voter registration was raised when Alex Neil MSP and Minister for Social Justice, Communities and Pensioners Rights in the Scottish Government was required to provide proof of eligibility despite being a government minister and having lived at the same address for 30 years, as detailed in yesterdays National.

The UK government has a website where you can register. However please be aware of the following. IF you have received the electoral registration letter sent out in November, you should be registered, if you want to be sure or have forgotten, DO NOT USE THE GOVERNMENT REGISTRATION WEBSITE TO SIMPLY CHECK. It will tell you you are not registered and in fact it seems this actually removes registered people from the local register. There is no online way to check the Electoral register,  The only way to check is to make a phone call to your local Electoral registration office. The number for Stirling is 01786 892289.

SNP.ORG has also posted a piece about this issue this morning.