We are CND 0

Following a resolution and vote at our July Branch meeting, the Stirling Branch are now proud to confirm we are officially affiliated to Scottish CND.

  • Scrapping Trident – a ‘red line’ issue!

    The 2015 General Election campaign and the manifesto commitment by the SNP to scrap Trident, put the issue of the UK’s nuclear weapons system centre stage in the election debate and became a red line issue for the SNP. It also represented a bold position from a mainstream political party in the UK with the Tories, Labour and Lib Dems all committing to renew Trident in the life span of this new Westminster Parliament.
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  • A weapons convoy in Stirling

    A convoy of warheads is transported round Stirling Ring Road. Image courtesy of “Stirling’s Secret Visitors” Stirling CND

    Being a city that’s right on the supply route to Faslane, used by the Trident warheads convoys, City of Stirling SNP are firmly of the view that Scotland needs to be free of this costly, unusable menace which passes our door steps. Having closer ties to Scottish CND cements this view in a formal relationship.

    We look forward to working with Scottish CND and the local branch, Stirling CND, in the years to come.


    You can read more on Trident on the great article written for us by Stirling CND Chairman, Kenneth Wardrop recently.