14th October 2016

Women Disadvantaged Most By Tory Cuts To Welfare

Steven Paterson MP and Jessica Lindohf

Stirling MP Steven Paterson visited Stirling Women’s Aid recently to discuss how changes to welfare have disproportionately affected women as opposed to men.

Ahead of the 2015 General Election, the Fawcett Society reported at 74% of cuts of benefits by the coalition government had come from the pockets of women. According to Women’s Aid, that figure is now 85%.

Steven Paterson MP and Jessica Lindohf

Steven Paterson MP and Jessica Lindohf at Women’s Aid, Stirling.

Stirling and District Women’s Aid manager, Jessica Lindohf said:

“Cuts to welfare support have had a detrimental effect to many of the women that we have helped over the years. With 85% of the cuts effecting women’s incomes, it is clear that women are bearing the biggest burden for savings made by the UK Government. It is hugely important that vulnerable people – including those who we work to support at Women’s Aid – receive the welfare they need to help them and their families.”

Steven Paterson added:

“This Tory UK Government has been the cause of an even bigger divide and suggestions that 85% – up from 74% last year – of benefit cuts have been taken from the pockets of women is evidence of that. It is wholly unacceptable that in a modern society, whether you were born a man or a woman determines the challenges you will face.

“A limited number of welfare powers are to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament and the SNP Scottish Government has committed to ensuring that compassion and respect is at the heart of policy making. The Scottish Government’s social security consultation is still open and I would urge constituents to make their views known so that we can work together in building a farer system of welfare support in Scotland.”