Lee Robb

MSP Launches Consultation On 4G Coverage Across Rural Stirling

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Stirling MSP Calls on UK Government to Fix Poor Mobile Phone Coverage

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Brexit is Merely a Rebranding of British Identity


by Grant Dunnery, President of the Stirling University Scottish Nationalist Association

While the rhetoric from Downing Street has alluded to a Hard Brexit, the reality will be very different. However, in order to understand why the UK will receive a weak deal, we must first uncover how we got here in the first place.

The vote to leave was deeply skewed, and based on a mistaken understanding of European integration. The vote to leave the EU was an attack against globalisation and all of its key traits.

It was an attack against free market principles however, voters really intended to attack the injustice of neoliberalism. It was an attack against immigrants and to those who spoke a different language, however, in reality, the UK is far more divided by wealth disparity and social class that it is nationality or race.

The misunderstanding of the virtues – and I believe necessity if you evaluate our bloody past – of European integration, have been masqueraded. A dangerous combination of misinformation, rising poverty, a lack of opportunities and voter frustration have led us to this point. In addition to this, the UK government’s plans are equally as flawed in nature.

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The Politics of Intolerance 

Lee Robb

by Lee Robb, Vice Convener, City of Stirling SNP

Nobody can claim that Richard Leonard has had an easy time of it since he was elected Leader of the Scottish Labour Party. From ill-informed speeches on the public nature of agencies like Scottish Water to woeful contributions at First Minister’s Questions, it’s clear that the fortunes of Labour in Scotland are not set to improve any time soon. 

However, since Mr Leonard finally got around to assembling his own frontbench team at Holyrood, he has come under fire for one appointment in particular: an anti-gay marriage campaigner as Scottish Labour’s spokesperson on equality. 

Elaine Smith MSP spent much of her time in 2013 warning the country that gay people getting married would cause unforeseen “problems for society overall.” At the time, she also predicted the arrival of legal polygamy which, according to her calculations, would come as a direct result of same-sex couples entering into civil marriages. 

As if this weren’t enough to make clear Smith’s views on same-sex relationships, she offered yet more to her ‘I’m not homophobic, but…’ tirade by criticising the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill for not providing “freedom of speech” protections to people who would otherwise discriminate against gay couples. 

It is therefore alarming that a person with such strong views against equal rights for gay people is now the chief policymaker on equality for Scottish Labour. 

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Broadband In Stirling Area Rollout Boosted By Scottish Government Investment

Fibre and Ethernet

The Stirling area is benefiting from increased roll-out of superfast broadband because of decisive Scottish Government action.

Superfast broadband coverage in Stirling prior to the SNP Scottish Government’s intervention through the Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme was at 59%. Recent figures show that following Scottish Government action, the percentage of premises with access to fibre broadband in the Stirling constituency is 89.7% – and puts Scotland well on course to meet the 100% coverage target by 2021.

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Aberfoyle Flooding: SNP Committed To Rectifying The Mistakes Of Previous Tory-Led Administration

The SNP have said that they are committed to ensuring that proper funding is sought to combat flooding in the Aberfoyle area.

Funding from the Scottish Government is available for large scale projects such as permanent flood prevention measures. However it is for local authorities to apply for such investment.

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