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SNP Councillor Condemns Tory MP’S Defence Of Rape Clause

Maureen Bennison

Bannockburn SNP Councillor Maureen Bennison, has condemned Stirling’s Tory MP Stephen Kerr over twitter comments he made defending the disgraceful Tory ‘Rape Clause’. Measures brought in by the Tory Government at Westminster mean that women may only claim child support tax credits for a third or subsequent child if they […]

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Pam Jackson Memorial

Most of you will already know that, following many months bravely battling cancer, branch member and friend Pam Jackson passed away last week. Pam’s memorial service will be on Friday 6th Oct at 1pm at Fintry Kirk. This is following a family service at the crematorium. There will then be a […]

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Paterson Calls On Stirling Candidates To Protect State Pensions

Steven Paterson MP

Stirling’s SNP candidate, Steven Paterson, has called on all other Stirling candidates in the General Election to join him and the SNP in committing to protecting the triple lock on State Pensions. The call comes in response to the Prime Minister’s answer to a question from SNP Westminster Leader Angus […]

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