24th November 2016

Blaming Council Staff “Simply Not Good Enough” Says SNP Councillor

Stirling Bins
Stirling Bins

Some of the new Bins awaiting collection

The SNP opposition Leader on Stirling Council, Cllr Scott Farmer, has hit out at Stirling Council attempts to pass the blame for the shambolic rollout of the new waste management system to staff.

Since the rollout of the new bins, Stirling Council have reported: a rise in the number of telephone complaints handled by call centres; residents not receiving their new bins on time; not understanding the extensive instructions provided to them; incorrect information being delivered regarding collection days; bins not being collected on their collection days; and delays in the new system being taken forward.

Meanwhile Councillor Danny Gibson, Convener of Environment and Housing and the Councillor responsible for the rollout seems to have given up commenting on the situation – giving Tory colleague Neil Benny the task of defending comments made by senior management that problems were allegedly caused by staff in the rollout of the new bins.

Scott Farmer

Cllr Scott Farmer ” “It is typical of the Tory Labour coalition to blame everyone but themselves over such a complete shambles”

Scott Farmer said:

“It is typical of the Tory Labour coalition to blame everyone but themselves over such a complete shambles. Whilst we are finding out that the new bin collection system is set to cost the Stirling taxpayer almost £100,000 more than originally anticipated and that the Administration have no idea what the final bill will total up to, leading Council politicians are backing comments that the problems have been caused by bin men.

“This appalling distraction tactic will do little to help residents who just expect a no-hassle service to be delivered on their bins being collected, nor will it soften tense relationships between Council staff and Administration Councillors.

“It is high time Councillor Danny Gibson pulls his head out from the sand-pit, defends the people delivering our key services, and sorts out this utter omnishambles. The Tory/Labour legacy in Stirling will not be one that residents look back on fondly.”