14th May 2015

Branch Meeting Report May 2015

Golden Lion Hotel facade

A very well attended meeting with everyone beaming from ear to ear!

Apologies were made for lack of previous Branch meeting minutes which hadn’t been concluded due to time constraints with campaigning and which will be sent out to members in due course. A small lapse in protocol which can be overlooked I am sure in view of the more pressing matters that were needing attention leading up to May 7th!

Branch finances understandably have taken a hit with campaign spend, but the fund raising team have loads of good ideas which are now being explored following last nights discussions and the situation will undoubtedly improve once again as a result. The Branch has gained some excellent new campaigning assets that will be put to good use in future so it’s all well spent!

A report of the Election detail was given by the Convenor and thanks paid to all the members of City of Stirling Branch who played such a valuable contribution to helping get Steven elected.

The proposal by the Communications group to open up the website more to some opinion and comment pieces to be furnished by members were well received, now that we are out of immediate campaign mode. An initial group of members have been approached about providing some content and we hope to see this content come to the site over the next few months. It promises to open up discussion and debate to those who cannot attend meetings and also allow the branch to weigh up possible proposals for conference submissions. An initial comment piece has already been pushed onto the site with open comments and members are encouraged to provide feedback, even if its just to correct spelling mistakes to let the site admins get a feel for it working in reality.

The proposal is for a new piece to be posted to the site roughly every month. If you think you have a topic that you would like to submit to the site in future please get in touch via the form at the bottom of this post.

3000 Trees Theatre group

The Death of Mr William MacRae by 3000Trees at the Kilted Kangaroo

Members’ attention was drawn to a play on Thursday the 14th at the Kilted Kangaroo by the 3000Trees Group, the Death of Mr William MacRae, about the mysterious death of a former SNP politician,

Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson MP SNP member of Parliament for Stirling

There is to be a party celebrating Stevens election to Westminster at Cambusbarron Bowling Club on Saturday evening from 19:00 until 23:00. All who contributed to the campaign, however small, are invited to attend and celebrate with us.

Members were invited to discuss any other business and the topic of use of Council budgets was aired by the floor.

So ended the meeting. Next meeting is on 11th June and the meeting will be attended by Humza Yousaf MSP so is likely to be another well attended meeting.


Use this form if you have a Opinion or Comments section submission you would like to be considered for inclusion in the site.