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SNP Budget Will Give Scots Best Deal In UK

Scottish Parliament
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New Domestic Abuse Law Will Make Vulnerable People Safer

Cllr Maureen Bennison
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Bruce Crawford MSP Joins Campaign to Promote Safer Internet Day

Share Aware
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Stirling SNP MSP Demands Chancellor Intervenes on RBS Closure

Bruce Crawford MSP at Bannockburn RBS
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Stirling MSP Calls on UK Government to Fix Poor Mobile Phone Coverage

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When the Tail Wags the Dog

Stormont redlines
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Crawford Celebrates ‘Being Ourselves’ On Children’s Mental Health Week

Bruce Crawford MSP in the Scottish Parliament with Place2Be Scotland
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Crawford Backs in Town, Slow Down Campaign

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The Projection Of Scotland

SNP graphic on Brexit for Scotland

By Steven Paterson, Former Stirling MP
It’s official: Scotland’s voice is finally being heard in the remotest corridors of power!

The BBC has finally presented the UK map in correct proportions ….but it is all a matter of perspective.
Yes, after a thirteen-year wait, the BBC’s Weather Forecast Department has finally relented to complaints from their distant licence-fee paying customers north of the border that Scotland is actually in reality somewhat bigger than Cornwall. In future, BBC weather forecasts will be presented on a map that accurately reflects the size of Scotland as compared to other parts of the British Isles, instead of being as a grossly-distorted virtual image of Britain as if filmed from a hot air balloon flying somewhere above Bordeaux, with Stirling appearing a billimetre above the Solway Firth in that wee speck at the top.

Every journey starts with a first step, I suppose.

Unfortunately, however, a mile or so down the road from Broadcasting House in Whitehall, the Tory UK Government continues to listen to nobody except itself.

This week, Number 10’s spin machine decided to bill special meetings of the Cabinet taking place to thrash out a common position on Brexit negotiations in the most valiant of terms, describing them as meetings of the “War Cabinet”. But it wasn’t long before expectations of what the “War Cabinet” might achieve were being drastically downgraded. As The Independent’s headline on Wednesday, revealed, “Brexit: Theresa May ‘War Cabinet’ unlikely to reach agreement on UK aims, admits Business Secretary Greg Clark”.

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Stirling MSP Praises Local Miners’ Strike Book Launch at Smith Museum

Bruce Crawford MSP and Dr Jim Phillips
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