11th August 2016

Changes To Air Passenger Duty “Will Benefit Stirling Area”

Stirling MP Steven Paterson has said that Scottish Government plans to reduce Air Passenger Duty (APD) will greatly benefit the Stirling area. Mr Paterson’s comments come as the Scottish Government publishes its findings from a consultation on APD.

Mr Paterson, who has recently written to tourism-related businesses in the Stirling area on tax reduction, says that the Scottish Government’s plans to reduce ADP by 50% will attract visitors to Scotland and Stirling – and will be a real boost for local tourism and hospitality businesses.

Steven Paterson said:

 “The UK has one of the highest tax rates for air passenger travel in Europe, meaning that countries like Scotland who have a formidable tourism industry are not having their full potential unlocked by remaining stagnant and uncompetitive. A reduction in Air Passenger Duty will greatly benefit the Stirling area.

 “Many local businesses are supported by people visiting the area. Making it easier and cheaper to fly to Scotland will prove to be a real shot in the arm for our local tourism and hospitality industries.

 “Making sure we have a competitive system of taxation for tourism-related businesses will help grow these industries and create jobs. That is why I have also written to many local business owners and managers to ask for their views on having a more competitive rate of VAT.”