10th March 2017

Disabled Access Must Be A Top Priority For Council And Public Buildings

Morag Fulton

During the last meeting of the full Council, SNP Councillor Alasdair MacPherson raised the issue of disabled access into Stirling Council buildings. In his question, Councillor MacPherson referenced a wheelchair user who is standing in Stirling West ward in the forthcoming Stirling Council election.

Currently, not all Stirling Council buildings are wheelchair accessible. This includes Stirling Council’s own headquarters at Old Viewforth – where elected Councillors have their offices.

Morag Fulton is a wheelchair user and is standing as an SNP candidate in Stirling West.

Commenting, Ms Fulton said:

Morag Fulton

Morag Fulton, one of our Candidates in the Stirling West ward

“It is vitally important that more is done to make our public buildings accessible to people with disabilities. When I visit Stirling city centre, it is clear that the majority of private premises are putting public premises to shame when it comes to accessibility. 

“I am entering this election contest because I want to fight for the future of our local services and I want to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities of access to these services, no matter their background or abilities.

“This year, the Scottish Government has set up an access to elected office fund to help people with disabilities overcome certain obstacles when standing for election to a public position. However, it is clear that there is still much work to be done at Stirling Council when, in 2017, a wheelchair user cannot physically access the political offices of the Council’s HQ.”