Philippa Whitford talking Brexit and the NHS

Dr Philippa Whitford
28th January 2018 @ 13:30 – 16:00
Dunblane Centre
Stirling Rd
Dunblane FK15
Stirling Women for Independence
Philippa Whitford talking Brexit and the NHS @ Dunblane Centre | Scotland | United Kingdom

Stirling Women for Independence have invited special guest Philippa Whitford MP to talk on the issue of Brexit and the effect it is likely to have on our NHS, health and wellbeing.

Brexit is at the forefront of all aspects of our daily lives from our workplaces, to our household incomes, to our public services…one of our most important ones being the NHS. The results of Brexit are already impacting on the lives of many people living in Scotland, opportunities to shine a light on what it could really mean for us all are vital.

This is anticipated to be a very informative and insightful meeting with discussion and questions welcome, tickets may well be in demand so early booking is advised.

Meeting will begin at 1.30pm for cake, tea and coffee and talk will begin at 2pm.

A collection for donations will be made at this event for those who wish and are able to contribute.