24th February 2017

Fake News

Fake News seems to be the latest social media storm front, that’s been latched onto by TV, newspapers and led no less than by POTUS,  the Donald himself. So it’s heartening to see one of his more close to home disciples of all things “Great”, Cllr Neil Benny, here forth to be called “the Benny” getting in on the act. Where would we be without an unoriginal Tory….

A sharp eyed reader (we didn’t ask why he found himself  at “the home of conservatism” – behind  enemy lines,  his valour has been recorded) noted a post by the Benny on the Conservative Home website (presumably where no one in Scotland was likely to read it). Note the very bold Brexit banner that flies totally in the face of the 66% Stirling vote to remain in Europe.


Brexit for Benny

Benny’s Brexit supporting credentials. Totally out of step with Stirling

“Fantastically Popular”

The Benny starts by pointing out that Stirling is Scotland’s only city where the Tories have an element of control. Stating that his party leader, Ruth Davidson is “fantastically popular” across Scotland and Stirling. While it would be petty to fail to acknowledge that the Conservatives did indeed render Labour a poor third in the Holyrood elections in 2016, 22% of the popular vote and being supported by mostly list MSP’s hardly equates to “fantastically popular” I would posit.

It is also worth noting, that Kezia Dugdale’s Labour Branch Office in Scotland actually got more numerical votes than Ruth Davidson’s Tories, so define “fantastically popular” from that little gem.

Holyrood election results from the BBC website

Holyrood election results from the BBC website.

However after acknowledging (graciously I thought) that the SNP too are popular (disappointingly not “fantastically” popular like dear old Ruth) despite being the largest party with 9 seats to the fantastically popular Tories on ahem…4 in the last council elections, he then goes on to  start some Fake News himself.

Our SNP councillors fill their days campaigning for separatism rather than things like schools, roads or regeneration” drones the Benny.

Lets compare

In having a look at what our SNP Stirling Council team have campaigned on we thought we would also try have a wee look at the Stirling Tories news stream which shows the solid work they might be doing on …. Well let’s start on the roads shall we? PS. We are aware of a Benny for Stirling Blog site too but the Benny it appears, has been so busy campaigning he hasn’t had time to update it in three years.


Roads have been a popular issue for our SNP councillors to campaign on with the many roads issues being aired by the SNP group. So we went to see how much campaigning the Benny did on roads. Well to be honest none! Or if he did he kept very quiet about it as nowhere on the Stirling Conservative website or the Benny’s Twitter feed does he come close to  showing any real drive on the roads….. did you see what we did there 😉


So lets move on to schools. So the SNP group did not have time for schools with all their campaigning on separatism? That’s funny as the Stirling SNP website has had several thousand visits on the subject of schools as it does come up again and again with the schools infrastructure issues of the disastrous PFI deals invented by Tories and signed up to by Stirling Council and the former Labour administration in council and Scottish Government in years past. Indeed our Councillors have raised the issue of an inquiry into why a PFI school like Balfron, a handful of years old is crumbling.  This has been opposed by the Benny, who clearly feels so strongly about it he tweets and campaigns on it all the time…… oh wait- merely a couple of general comments on budgets.

Lets see what Stirling Conservatives have to say on their website….. oh? nothing.

Regeneration and the City Deal

So regeneration. Surely one the Benny must have spent endless days campaigning on Stirling residents behalf? Well to be fair, with Stirling looking like it will be getting a city deal, pushed hard by the Stirling SNP group, Steven Paterson MP and Bruce Crawford MSP, and it having cross party support which we have mentioned many times on our website and social media feeds, we would excuse the Benny on getting a little out of puff with so much to say.

Oh look he didn’t get that excited.


The only “deal” that got the Benny crowing was when they got cosy with the Red Tories to take control of a council they only had 4 seats in. Which is kind of surprising as even we know he was at one City Deal meeting with TWO SNP representatives last year. Clearly didn’t get him into too much of a sweat.

Tory deals

Cllr Benny got excited with no less than three tweets ( only one by him) on the power sharing deal

No Cllr Benny, you take it easy, you need your strength to keep pulling the strings on the Labour group. Leave the real campaigning to the SNP.