9th March 2015

Getting informed

As in all aspects of life we believe you should get your news or comment from many different sources, that way you get to see all sides of the story. The vast majority of “news” is provided either by the big broadcasting organisations in the UK or the very southern based UK press. This deliberately ( in the case of the newspapers) or by pro-establishment connection tends to give a UK -status quo type view which as we all seen on the lead up to the  referendum with the accusation of bias levelled at our “national” broadcasting corporation, the BBC. So where to go for the Scottish view thats more sympathetic to Independence?

A few sources are now available that are worthy of your time, of course first up is the National and its weekend sibling the Sunday Herald. The National is available in all good newspaper shops, and is available via online subscription. The National has recently also launched a news website, give it a visit and sign up for a subscription.

Banner for the national newspaper

Matching organisations like the BBC, ITV (STV) and Sky for televisual news is never going to be a small undertaking but one start-up is pushing to run a nightly alternative “TV” news service if they can raise the funding. The nightly news would be online but would give a view without the connections to a London focussed media. You might have come across some of Scottish New’s work during the referendum and you can view the Scottish News You Tube channel here. The Referendum material was very definitely tongue in cheek but the slightly off beat and humorous slant on the real news provides a great prospect for fresh Scottish media.

While Scottish News gets funding ( you can help!) they have launched a weekly 30 minute political podcast called NewsShaft which is very worthy of your time.

The above article has no official endorsement of the SNP.