25th February 2015

How can you help?

Steven Paterson
Steven Paterson

Steven Paterson

The general election in May is one of the most important that Scotland – and the whole UK – have seen in generations. A strong team of SNP MPs from Scotland will vote to end the failed austerity policies of Conservatives and Labour, protect the NHS from privatisation, and move to end Trident and spend money on people rather than bombs. It will also ensure that the additional powers promised for the Scottish Parliament before the referendum – which the Smith Commission’s recommendations fall far short of – are actually delivered.

As well as voting for the Stirling’s SNP candidate, local Cllr Steven Paterson, you can help with his campaign. The SNP have to gain over 11000 votes on the 2010 result to win this seat in May, so while  a win is possible there is much work to do. There are countless ways to contribute, to suit every personality, ability and schedule. A few examples are:

  • Delivering leaflets – this is easy to do and can even take just and hour or two in the streets around your home
  • Door knocking (canvassing) – this is crucial – it can seem quite daunting but is done in teams so you’re not on your own, and can be very fun
  • Data entry – taking the feedback from canvassing and entering it into the database so we can better target campaign resources
  • Phone canvassing – also crucial way to reach voters. Some people prefer this to face-to-face canvassing, it can be done from home or the campaign office. A script is provided.
  • Volunteer on the street stall
  • Simply talking with friends, family and colleagues
  • Donate money to the campaign

With all these things, you can give them a go and try something else if they’re not working for you. Please contact the branch organiser Mel Cowie on for more information.