21st April 2015

it’s nae good Jim, wur no breaking up

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It can’t have escaped the notice of anyone who seen Sunday Politics, Scotland that Labour’s Kezia Dugdale was kicking off about a proposed refererendum for Independence being in the SNP manifesto launch, within seconds of  Deputy SNP leader Stewart Hosie saying “We are not seeking a mandate for independence at this election. Any future mandate for a referendum, if and when it comes, can only come if the Scottish people demand it. Right now we’re not asking for that.”

Even seasoned interviewer, Gordon Brewer, who it has to be said, seemed to have got out the wrong side of the bed on Sunday morning, or maybe was suffering from the side effects of a late Saturday night, reaffirmed to dear Kezia that Stewart Hosie had just confirmed that an Independence Referendum was not being offered to the Scottish people via the 2015 General Election Manifesto…. Kezia just kept talking over him and pretty well anything else he said. She had her script and was damned sure she was going to stick to it, regardless of the facts. If you want to be reminded of the spat, you can see it here.

So one would think Ms Dugdale and the leadership of the Labour Party ( Scotland Branch) would, following Mondays manifesto launch, be, to quote her, “astonished”.

But no.

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Oh dear Jim you really dinnae get it do you!

The leader of the Scottish Branch office of the Labour Party has a theme and he is damned well going to stick to it. The Labour Party having given up on promoting anything remotely positive in their message to the Scottish people and have decided to fall back on the Project Fear style negative campaign of the referendum and focus on what wasn’t in the SNP Manifesto in the first place. Independence. An independent Scotland, IS the SNP’s ultimate goal, there is no point denying it, it is the very DNA of what makes us the party we are. But not now and not on the back of the UK General Election 2015, it’s no happenin’ Jim.

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Its nae good Jim!

We didn’t mention it in the manifesto, just like we didnae mention, a proposal to claim Mars as Scottish sovereign territory, to ban clothes pegs as a means to holding up laundry , or to only allow home grown bananas in supermarkets.

Why would we mention something that’s not being proposed!

You can read precisely what is proposed in the SNP manifesto here online.


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