11th March 2017

Labour Councillors Should Practice What They Preach

Cllr Jim Thomson

Stirling SNP Council Group have called on Labour Councillors to put their money where their mouth is and back shared services with Clackmannanshire.

In 2015, Stirling Council’s Tory/Labour Administration revealed that they planned to pull out of the shared services agreement with the Wee County on education and social care.

The SNP Group on Stirling Council opposed abandoning shared services and have since called for clarity on Labour’s position when it comes to sharing resources between Stirling and Clackmannanshire.

At the time, Clackmannanshire Council was only made aware of Stirling Council’s intention to abandon shared services when the Stirling Observer approached them for comment.

At the last meeting of the full Council, Labour’s Councillor Danny Gibson stated that he was totally against sharing services with other local authorities.

Commenting, SNP Councillor Jim Thomson said:

Cllr Jim Thomson

Cllr Jim Thomson “I call on Councillor Gibson to withdraw his childish remarks “

“Councillor Gibson’s bizarre remarks at the full Council meeting revealed utter contempt for pulling together our local resources to achieve results for local residents. His protectionist attitude towards delivering important local services is not helpful when the rest of us are trying to have a grown-up discussion about how best to deliver for the people we represent. 

“This is the same Labour Party that claims its values are inspired by achieving more through a common endeavour, however when faced the opportunity, they would rather turn their back than work in partnership with others. 

“As we embark on a potentially exciting City Region Deal, Clackmannanshire and Stirling must work together to get the best possible outcome for the local area. This has to start by sharing our resources and working to achieve the best possible results in education and social care.

“I call on Councillor Gibson to withdraw his childish remarks and engage in a real debate that looks to working with others and delivering for the people of Stirling.”