5th April 2017

Labour and Tories Accused of Backroom Election Deals

The Scottish National Party have accused Labour and the Tories of striking a backroom deal to keep themselves in power after the Stirling Council Election this May. Voters will return to polling stations on May 4th to elect the next Administration to manage local services.

With a total of 23 Councillors to be elected to the local authority, 12 is needed in order to form a majority Administration. However, after Stirling Council published its Notice of Poll last week, both the Labour Party and the Conservative Party have put forward only 10 candidates each – neither would have enough seats to form a majority Administration by themselves, even if all of their candidates were successful.

Stirling Council is currently run by a Tory/Labour Administration, despite the SNP being elected with the most Councillors in 2012. The SNP have accused the Tory/Labour coalition of secret deals to clutch onto power despite neither party attempting to win the election outright.

The SNP is the only political party putting forward enough candidates to take majority control of Stirling Council in May’s election.

Commenting, SNP Leader on Stirling Council Councillor Scott Farmer said:

Scott Farmer

Cllr Scott Farmer “An SNP Administration will invest in our local services, work to grow business and opportunities, and support the most vulnerable in our communities.”

“People will remember that the Tory/Labour deal began before the Stirling Council election in 2012 when they joined hands and voted reduce Council Tax – only for Labour to hypocritically spend the next five years moaning that the SNP Government had prevented them from putting it up!

 “Since then, the Tory/Labour Stirling Council Administration have implemented devastating, unnecessary, and short-sighted cuts to local services including social care, support for public transport, and maintenance to our roads and pavements. This is also the same gang that only recently attempted to privatise Stirling’s local sports services. It is utterly shameful that despite this record, the cynical partnership are looking to get the band back together in May and clutch onto power no matter what the outcome of the election is.

 “An SNP Administration will invest in our local services, work to grow business and opportunities, and support the most vulnerable in our communities. The only way to avoid sleep-walking into another five years of Tory/Labour rule is to elect a majority SNP Administration on May 4th – vote 1 and 2 for both of your local SNP candidates.”

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