20th March 2017

Local Stirling Candidate Takes Her Story To National Conference

Local Stirling West candidate Morag Fulton has taken her story to national SNP Conference at the weekend to encourage other disabled members to put themselves forward for elected office.

Speaking in the conference hall in front of over 2,500 delegates, Ms Fulton – a Community Councillor based in Borestone – shared her journey from someone who didn’t have the confidence to leave the house, to someone who was inspired to fight tooth and nail to make her community a better and fairer place to live and work.

You can see the video here

Commenting, Morag Fulton said:

“Two and a half years ago, the only real contact that I had with the outside world was limited to social media. Whilst my family and close friends have always been a massive support to me, I considered myself a burden and felt isolated because of it.

 “After the 2014 referendum result, I was so devastated that I simply had to get involved in politics. I joined the SNP and got stuck in campaigning to make our communities fairer, safer, and bursting with opportunities for everyone.

 “The tipping point for me when considering whether I would stand in the Stirling Council election was when a close friend simply said ‘if not you, who?’. I have no place to call for better representation of disabled people in our politics if I am not willing to put myself forward. I hope that by sharing my story, others will reconsider what they’re really capable of.

 “Democracy is about sharing ideas and viewpoints and, whilst I am far from a single-issue candidate, I hope to offer a new perspective about how to support people in our local communities.”