8th October 2017

MSP Calls on FCO to Act in Dubai Detention Case

Bruce Crawford voiced concern


Dubai popular with Westerners

A cultural misunderstanding has been blamed for Mr Harron’s detention.

SNP MSP Bruce Crawford has written to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson – asking for Foreign Office support for his constituent Jamie Harron, who has been detained by authorities in Dubai.

It is understood that Mr Harron has been held in Dubai for around three months following a minor incident in a bar. He has had his passport confiscated and faced significant expenses and legal fees.

In his letter, Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has called on the Foreign Secretary to do everything possible to allow Mr Harron to return home safely. Further the MSP has called on FCO to update travel information offered to UK visitors to the UAE, given a number of reported incidents of tourists encountering similar difficulties.

Commenting, Bruce Crawford said:

“I am very concerned that Mr Harron has been detained for so long and, based on media reports, faces such a disproportionate and harsh sentence.“The Foreign Office must do all it can to support Mr Harron during what must be an extremely stressful time and I have written to the Foreign Secretary to seek these assurances. I hope to see Mr Harron returned home safely and as soon as possible.”