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We have two subscription types and would love you to take both, but you should decide based on your needs; just to explain the difference. You can subscribe to our site on the Subscribe panel below, and in so doing you receive notifications of updates to the site. This subscription gives you an email informing you we have new content on our webpages. ( Note it doesn’t inform on updates to already published pages). If you are a Branch member, as we update the site with reminders and reports of our meetings, it’s this subscription that is helpful if you are prone to forget when the next meeting is! The Newsletter is an occasional emailing bringing to the attention of those who sign up to it, information on campaigning or branch activities. We may use this to send out short time-frame alerts or bulletins on unpublicised visits to our constituency by party representatives or appeals for assistance in campaigns, as well as pointers to popular news items from our site. We ask that all branch members sign up to the Newsletter if possible. Non members are also welcome to sign up though please be aware we vet the emailing list and some Newsletters will not come to registered addresses without a validated membership number known to the branch.

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